0999 What Network Philippines? Globe or Smart?

0999 What Network

0999, a mobile prefix number, is only registered under the Smart telecommunication network in the Philippines. Smart is the largest telecom provider in the Philippines and has been offering various quality services for communication purposes. The telecommunication network is at the top of quality networks.

Moreover, the Smart telecom network not only has one prefix number but operates the 9+ prefix numbers or mobile sim numbers. All the incorporated mobile sim numbers have the same quality services and features for the users in the Philippines. The communication level of Smart Telecom is reliable for the consumers.

Furthermore, the Smart Telecom also provides numerous low-cost bundles for the users. Here in this detailed article, we will elaborate on the numerous crucial key points about Smart telecom, so if you are a smart user or willing to join it, let’s get into the article without further delay.

What is 0999?

Before we answer 0999, we want to give you basic knowledge about mobile sim numbers and why they use the four-digit unique number. As every number starts with the four-digit prefix number, this is the prefix of the mobile sim, and it is given by the owned company.

For example, 0999 is a four-digit prefix of a mobile phone and it belongs to Smart Telecom, and it does not belong to any other mobile prefix or sim number. The same goes for every mobile telecom company, they have their own unique prefix number. 0999 is a mobile prefix of only Smart telecommunication.

The reason behind the making or creating of a unique prefix number is to make a unique difference between the other mobile prefix numbers. Now, the 0999 is a mobile prefix of Smart Telecom so it only belongs to it, if someone is considering it the Globe’s number, they are wrong about it.

0999 What Network?

The 0999 is a mobile prefix number, as we discussed above. Now the question is that 099 what network, which company is running this number? So, here is the simple and easiest answer for you. The 0999 mobile prefix number belongs to Smart Telecommunication in the Philippines.

The Smart is the Largest telecommunication network in the Philippines and it operates the numerous prefix numbers. There are almost 8-9 prefix numbers that are working or operating under the Smart telecommunication network in the Philippines. It is a great telecom network in the Philippines.

Additionally, Smart Telecom has not just more prefix numbers, but also has incredible services., The network is offering numerous low-cost packages for users. It contains the easiest and most reliable communication service. Also, Smart Telecom provides customer support to help customers with asked questions. 

What Services Does Smart Telecom Offer?

The Smart Telecom Network is an incredible mobile telecom that has outstanding telecom services as it includes:

High-Speed Internet Facility

The Smart Telecom company is great for users who are looking for a high-speed internet service. The network has an incredible installation of technology to ensure users get outstanding or super-fast internet with great MBs.

Easy to Communicate via Voice Calls

The Smart telecommunication network has been offering incredible telecom services in which voice calls are also the one spec. The voice calls via smart telecom are so convenient and reliable for the users to avail of it.

Easy to Communicate via Text Messages

Smart telecom is not just reliable via voice calls, but it is also a convenient network for sending and receiving text messages. The network is great for quick communication via text messages from all over the locations of Philippines.

Discounted Bundles/Packages

Smart Telecom is the largest telecommunication network in the Philippines that has quality services in discounted bundles is one of them. The network has numerous packages and each has a low cost and is easy for the users to manage the budget.

Customer Care Support Service

The Smart Communication company has hired the most professionals and highly qualified workers for customer care service. The customer care service of Smart Telecom answers questions and solves queries instantly.


0999 What Network in the Philippines. Does 0999 mean several Globe Telecom? Does it belong to Smart Telecom? We have just seen these questions circulating on the internet, therefore we decided to find the correct answers for our users so they can get the right answer.

The 0999 is a mobile prefix number that operates numerous quality telecom services within the areas of the Philippines and it is owned by the Smart Telecom. As Philippines users know Smart is the largest telecom network, but new users might not have an idea yet.

Smart Telecom is the largest telecom network in the Philippines that has numerous quality services for telecommunication purposes. Services such as high-speed internet, discounted bundles, easy voice calls, quick text messages, customer care, and many more are provided by Smart telecommunication.

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