0981 What Network Philippines? Globe or Smart?

0981 What Network

0981 What Network Philippines? To know 0981 what network you need to read out it. The 0981 is a prefix number or a mobile number code, belonging to Smart Telecom company. The smart is the largest and most used for telecommunications in the Philippines. The network is listed as the top network in the Philippines.

Additionally, the Smart Network has Millions of active users or subscribers which makes it a huge business market for the company. There are nine plus mobile prefixes that are working under smart telecommunication in the Philippines. The communication company earns Millions of pesos (Philippines Currency) over the year.

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There are numerous advantages and features for using the Smart telecom as a telecommunication. Furthermore, this article will look at more information about the 0981 Network so you have to keep it important for reading and don’t skip any of the lines to get more knowledge.

What is 0981 Code?

The 0981 is a four-digit code or you can say it as a prefix number and it is registered under the Smart Telecom company in the Philippines. There are more than 8 prefixes that are registered under Smart telecommunications. In addition, the purpose of the prefix mobile is to recognize the network.

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Therefore, each of the mobile sim companies launches its own unique prefix number so it can create a differentiation. However, it also applies to the companies of mobile sims to verify the network and command the network for the opponent consumer. The benefits of knowing prefix of mobile are many.

What Are the Benefits of Knowing Mobile Prefix?

There are numerous benefits of knowing mobile prefix numbers, some of which are as given below:

Save Balance

Calling the same mobile sim number can save your balance cost as the same network allows consumers to less charge for minutes. However, when you call a different number, you will be charged more.

Talk for Long Hours

Each of the mobile sim companies provides the opportunity of bundles for the consumers, but only valid for the same network. So, when you and your family use the same mobile sim number, you can talk for long hours without getting worried about balance.

Easy to Manage

There is also one more great advantage of knowing the mobile prefix number and this one can make it easy to manage for users. Using the same numbers of telecom can make consumers manage easily: easy-to-remember mobile numbers, easy-to-dial numbers, and easy-to-talk.

0981 What Network?

The 0981 is also a prefix of mobile or you can say it a mobile code and it is only belongs to the Smart Telecom network. However, there are myths or misconceptions of users calling it a Globe Network. We want to assure you that 0981 is a mobile number only registered under Smart Telecommunication.

The Smart Telecom network has been operating or serving telecommunication services for decades. It is one of the most used and favorite networks of consumers. However, nonconsumers are moving towards it as it has many amazing services. The Smart Telecom has wonderful services of telecom.

The Smart Company has been offering quality services for communication purposes and it is a wonderful network. There are unlimited bundles with discounted prices in the Smart Telecom network and it has many other benefits too.

What are the Features of Smart Telecom?

Smart Telecom has been providing numerous features for its consumers or users. The following are the prominent features of Smart Telecommunication:

Fast Internet Service:

The Smart Telecom network is one of the most used network in the Phillippines and it is due to the quality of its internet. The internet service of Smar Telecom is fast and reliable for the consumers, transferring immediate signals to all the regions.

Affordable Network:

The Smart Telecom network is an affordable network for users looking to save their budget in communications. The packages of Smart Network are mostly with lower prices and all are reasonable for managing the budget.

Customer Care:

The Smart Telecom network is the prominent network in terms of customer care. The customer support of Smart Network is easy, supportive, and reliable for the registered users. It ensures users the quick answers for the issued queries.


Now If we talk about 0981 what network in short, we will refer with a quick summary for you. The 0981 is a prefix number of a Mobile sim that is offering services under the smart telecom network in the Philippines. As there are many other big telecom companies in the Philippines, this one is also the part.

Smart Telecom has been offering captivating services for the users to benefit from. The network has millions of users and all the registered users are satisfied with the services and advantages. Furthermore, the network comes at the top of the list of well-reputed telecom companies in the Philippines.

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