Common Ways To Enjoy Liqueurs with an Afternoon Brunch

Which foods do you include in your regular brunch menu? From pancakes to waffles and pastries, there are several choices. But, have you ever enjoyed a boozy drink with your brunch? Light flavourful drinks make your afternoon brunch more enjoyable. Let us share some amazing cocktail recipes that can be paired with your brunch.


The most well-liked effervescent, fruit-infused beverage to go with dinner is the mimosa. Orange juice and sparkling wine are combined to make the beverage. Some people include triple sec as the ingredient. The most important ingredient is the orange liqueur, as its sweetness blends with the dry wine and sweet-tart juice.

Paloma Tequila

This cocktail will quench your thirst when you have your brunch. It is a tasty Mexican drink containing tequila. Grapefruits added to the drink provide a tart lime accent. Grapefruit soda is most commonly used for preparing cocktails. If needed, you can rim your glass with salt. Wet the rim with a small lime wedge and roll it in salt. Add lime juice and tequila to the glass filled with ice cubes.

Julep Cocktail with Classic Mint

It is an iconic bourbon cocktail prepared with a couple of ingredients. The traditional drink is a favourite choice for people in the Kentucky Derby. However, this cocktail has gained popularity in different countries. Mint and bourbon are the primary ingredients in the drink. You can then add some crushed ice to the cocktail. Originally, silver cups were used for serving Mint Juleps. However, you may use any tall glass if you do not have these silver cups. Julep cocktails have a balance of herbal flavours and sweet tastes. The minty aroma of the drink will give you the best experience.

Blackberry Champagne Mule

If you want extra bubbles in your drink, Blackberry Champagne Mule can be the perfect choice. Fresh blackberries and mint will give you a refreshing sensation. Make your brunch menu more special with this summer cocktail. Vodka is a common alcoholic drink used for the recipe. You may also add a ginger beer to the bubbly drink.

Sweet Tea Sangria

This is the best cocktail you can enjoy with your summertime brunches and barbecues. Have some white wine and make sweet tea. When you blend them, you will get a unique recipe. Sweet tea sangria has a perfect balance of tangy and sweet tastes. The recipe includes peaches and raspberries, and these fruit combinations make the drink unique. Crispy and dry white wine is another ingredient for this recipe.

Fresh Bellini

A fresh bellini is a great option for a cocktail that’s simple to prepare. Prosecco and fresh peaches are the main components of the drink. The peach puree adds sweetness to the drink.

So, these are the best early afternoon drinks you can enjoy with your brunch. From sweet to tangy, there are various flavours in the popular cocktail recipes. You may even get Kahlua and mix with a warm cup of coffee to get a different experience.

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