Frequently asked questions when using casino sites (Q&A)

Q. Can I make money on an online casino site?

A: Not everyone can make money at casinos. Few can win long-term at casinos. You must stick to your own principles and systems and avoid strong competition in a short period of time. Every casino game is a strategic battle between players and casinos, so you must abide by the principles and systems. In particular, if you avoid the worst mistakes, find ways to keep your assets safe, and even if you lose money, you should stop playing on the spot and know how to stand up.

Q. What do I do when the video is temporarily cut off when using a live casino?

A. If you lose the batting amount without seeing the result video due to a server problem, we will return the batting amount for that edition. In general, the casino site we recommend does not have a disconnection problem, but we make sure that there is no financial loss due to server errors and game providers. Regardless of whether you win or lose after the batting, we will return the batting amount as points, so please enjoy the game with confidence. However, there are occasional sites that do not have such a response, so make sure to use a casino site that has proven its safety.

Q. Do I really need an approval call when I join the casino?

A. Approval calls are an essential procedure for casino operators, distributor members, and game users. In casino operations where safety is a top priority, approval calls are an important part. To prevent malicious members from secretly signing up, we filter out “those who are harmful to the operation of online casino sites” through approval calls. The reason for approval calls after approval calls is to maintain a safe gaming environment. Please note that all casino sites guided by Casino Pinocchio ( undergo thorough verification so that minors are never allowed to use them.

Q. How do I select a major online casino company?

A. When selecting a major company, the following criteria are followed:

Capital power: Identify the capital power of a site. A site with a strong capital power ensures safety.
Operational Stability: Determine if it’s an accident-free casino that operates without any problems. Be careful because any site that induces ridiculous bonus amounts is likely to be fraudulent.
User friendly: make sure there are no unreasonable regulations and sanctions on the user. apply fair regulations, and it should be a place where there are no problems in practice.
Service convenience: Determine if quick refund processing is possible. Sites that require additional deposits prior to currency exchange should be questioned.

Q. Where can I find a safe casino address?

A. Casino Pinocchio carefully recommends only verified major sites by examining capital, fast charging, optimal game environment for users, honest operation policies and real-time counseling services, and past eating and running history.

The safety verification site continuously monitors the information on the safety casino site without eating and running in casino Pinocchio and updates it in real time, so please use it a lot.

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