0949 What Network- Globe or Smart

0949 What Network

The question, 0949 what network is often arises by the thousands of users, as new users keep coming from time to time. Therefore here we had to bring the answer to this question so users can get information. The 0949 is a four-digit code or mobile prefix operating the telecom services under Smart Telecom.

The Smart Company of Telecommunication is the largest and one of the most established networks in the Philippines. There are numerous benefits of knowing the mobile prefix numbers, one of the largest benefits is that users can save their money and mobile balance.

There are also many other advantages of knowing the mobile prefix numbers. Furthermore, this is one of the most affordable mobile sim networks for users with less income. If you are also a new user of 0949, you have to understand and make sure that it belongs to Smart Telecom.

This is informational content that will describe the essential information about the 0949 network. Those who are interested in reading the advantages and services of the 0949 network, need to read out that incredible content.

0949 What Network in the Philippines?

The 0949 is a mobile prefix number or the four-digit code that verifies that it is operating under Smart Telecom in the Philippines. Those who are wondering or confused about the prefixes can also search and confirm it on the official website of Smart Telecommunication.

Many mobile prefixes are being operated under the Smart Telecom company of the Philippines. The country has been operating incredible networks, and Smart is one of them. It has tremendous services such as the fast internet, enhanced communication, and many reasonable packages.

The company has gained immense popularity in the different regions of the Philippines. The reason behind such massive success is only the quality of service that is being provided by the company. However, users of the Smart Network are also appreciating the efforts of the network.

Is 0949 Globe’s Partner?

This is also a question that revolves around search engines, even people are asking each other too. The question is, Is 0949 a Globe’s Partner or a linked network? is now debunked. We want to inform the users that the 0949 prefix number belongs to Smart Network and it is not linked with Globe.

However, the Globe Network runs a different server in the Philippines. Different numbers are operating and linked under the Globe telecom network of the Philippines. Whereas the Smart Network has its reputation and popularity in the various areas of the Philippines.

Smart Telecom provides numerous advantages for registered users. So, if you are not yet a registered user of it, head towards the nearest branch and register yourself for the amazing benefits it.

The Benefits of Smart Telecom Network

The Smart Telecom Network Philippines is beneficial for the newly registered users, as well as for the old ones. The following are the great advantages that will be given by Smart Telecom:

  • Enhance Communciation: Smart Telecom is an innovative telecom provider in the Philippines, communication gets enhanced and becomes more convenient and comfortable with Smart Telecom.
  • Save Money: The Smart Telecom Network is an incredible mobile telecom provider that has affordable tops and balances. It provides numerous top-ups for voice calls, Internet, and text messaging purposes. 
  • Wide Coverage: Smart telecom is spread within all the regions of the Philippines, making it a widely covered network, so users can easily communicate from all locations.
  • Provides Customer Care Support: The Smart telecom network has an expert telecom service that consists of highly qualified individuals. The support team immediately responded the quick answers to the questions from the users.
  • Low-Cost Bundles: There are numerous top-ups provided for the users of Smart Telecom. All the mentioned bundles have affordable rates and are reasonable for individuals with less income. 


The Quest “0949 what network” is the most asked question by the new users who had recently got the sim but are unaware of its network. So we want to let them know that 0949 is a mobile prefix number that is operating under the Smart Telecommunication company in the Philippines. 

Moreover, some people are wondering if it might belong to the Globe telecom, so want to assure them that it does not belong to the Globe. The 0949 starting phone number is only working under the Smart Telecom company. It is one of the largest telecom providers in the Philippines.

There are various services and benefits of the Smart Telecommunication network. The company ensures users with multiple features to communicate with each other. This is a convenient mobile network for users who are looking for a reliable mobile sim with numerous advantages. Here in this article, complete evidence-based information is elaborated about the 0949 networks, so must read it. 

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